Inside the Kitchen Window


Today my 17-month-old made a “two” sign for the first time.  She couldn’t separate the fingers to make a “V” yet, but she may as well have carved a victory symbol on my heart.  Sometimes I thought of how many stories behind the lit windows that you see when you take a walk after dinner.  Behind ours it was wonderful and cozy for me today, having been able to take time off work this week.

Our kitchen window was sweating from the pot steam.  But I could still see from the inside the reflections as I chopped the onions, napa, tomatoes, mushrooms and so on, while my mother manned the stove.  The little one was successfully distracted to the family room by Grandpa after trying to bribe for some cookies by sitting on the potty.

The sizzling meatballs on the stovetop sent out an absolutely heavenly aroma that I spell “H-O-M-E”.  And I should try not to think about work nights this week. 


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