Same Bat Time…Same Bat Channel…Yours…


Heard on the radio that the Cambridge based Internet TV company Brightcove announced a new service today: anyone with the right computer and software can now launch and distribute his/her own Internet TV channel for free. Oh, execuse me, channelS.

Wow! Not only we can bypass the traditional publishers and share our…er…thoughts… by blogging, or share our family photo albums and homemade videos (some better than others) with families and friends and complete strangers across the states or oceans, we can also create our very own quality TV programming. I knew this day will come ever since I watched the Jetsons as a kid!

I feel like I’m reading about the “Gold Rush” period in the early American history. Or maybe I should call the current phenomenon the “Silicon Rush”. I wonder what Anthropologists in the future would say about our generation and our time. We are a people who would walk by the same human beings day after day without making any attempt at reaching out (see this other blog about “familiar strangers“), and yet we feel so free to publish our thoughts, our multimedia creations. Never before was there such a wealth of documentation of people’s lives, ideas, opinions, interests and tastes.  It’s as if we’re starved to share about ourselves and yet do not have the courage to be in other people’s lives or to open up and allow others in our own lives.

Nevertheless, I’m happy about our technological advances. Personally speaking, I’d love to create some quality children’s programs if I have the time and talent.


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