A Slice of My Life


Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Anita who?

Anita Vacation. (I need a vacation.)

Had only a couple of gulps of coffee before I left for work this morning because of course I was pressing for time again and my travel mug was still in the garage. The after-Labor-Day traffic has been quite ugly. Normally on the way to work I’d be content with being surrounded by serene classical music in the car, but today I needed something different, something to swallow me up and make me feel like I was driving to Malibu rather than work.

The drive home was just as horrendous. Parents were all hurrying home so they could take their kids out for trick-or-treating. It was still daylight when I left the office, but during half-way I turned on the headlights. By the time M and I arrived home it was already dark out.

As with the past two years, we didn’t get any trick-or-treaters. Our street is too dark after nightfall. Every tiny bit of light seems to be swallowed by the shadow of the trees. It also didn’t help that our yard light was broken and had not been replaced (there were about 4 wasps flying in there in the summer when my husband tried to change the light bulb.) I was fine with not having to travel between the front door and the kitchen counter – it was challenging enough for me to try to come up with a nutritious meal that I could feed my daughter without feeling like an inadequate mother.  Correction…I do feel like an inadequate mother.  Anyway, an 18-month-old toddler who constantly wants to climb onto chairs and put anything except real food in her mouth provides plenty of distractions.

That 6-lbs. bag of candy bars sitting in the pantry is going to be my downfall.


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