Jingle Bells! You know…Ho Ho Ho and Presents for Pretty Girls!


My husband’s birthday is coming up. And since my own birthday is in the same month and following his, I have to make his extra special so he has a proper model to follow in preparing for MY birthday. He already told me that it’s very cheesy to give him the 4 DVDs that we have to buy by the end of this month in order to fullfill our DVD club obligations. And for the cake, dare I repeat the once a year tradition of making THE JOY of COOKING German chocolate cake with a 1 1/2 -year-old who’s ready to dip her hands into the incredibly gooey mix that Mommy is stirring? Oh, yes, she’d want to hold the mixer, too. And to get a better view of it all, climbing onto a chair and standing up with hands in the air like a trapeze artist is a must. What’s more she’ll add some colorful seasonings to it, such as a tiny piece of paper torn from the glossy Bed And Bath catalog that she pulled from the recycling bin, Cheerios, block toys, bib…she’s great at improvising.

And since December follows right after November, it’s also time to organize a list of all the people worthy of receiving our greeting cards, and all the people worthy of presents in addition to greeting cards. And if I want to re-gift something from the past years, I have to make sure:

(1) The gift in question wasn’t given by that person; and

(2) The gift wouldn’t be seen by the original giver either during or after giving; and

(3) The original giver won’t expect to see it when he/she visits our house.

But first…a trip to the Cheesecake Factory is in order. The re-gift list will have to wait.


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