The Night Before Thanksgiving


This is what having a child does to you. When the child is little, you’re tied down to the kid’s nap and bedtime schedules. And you don’t take as many long trips. Then when the child is older, you can’t even take a trip to Europe for Thanksgiving without hearing some sighs and complaints because your daughter is used to having you visit and cook a scrumptious holiday meal for her. And, that is why on this Thanksgiving eve the only non-microwave dinner in our house is for our 19-month-old, and I’m sitting in front of the computer complaining about my parents deciding to take a trip to Italy at this time of the year.

Tomorrow we’re going to see our former-metal-band-musicians-turned-normal-parents-and-productive-working-adults friends and their kids. Should be fun. We can pick out a pumpkin pie from a grocery store on the way – just in case there weren’t enough pumpkin pies at the party. Besides, the pumpkin filling makes the pumpkin pie a far better *veggie* choice than a Boston cream pie.


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