Monthly Archives: December 2006

Certain Things Become Important When You Become A Parent


Heard my other half on the phone the evening before we were coming home:

“Hi.  When are you coming over?”

“Yeah, we’ll be here.”

“Yes.  We’ll be leaving tomorrow morning.”

“Well, as early as we can…we’d like to wait until MM pooped before we get on the road.”


The Right to Equal Rights


Heard on the NPR a discussion about whether America is ready for a female president. And while I was contemplating the question, I heard another news regarding the issue of whether state troopers would be allowed to arrest illegal immigrants if they suspect the immigration law was broken. For example, while the state police would not go on patrols looking for illegal immigrant, they could arrest someone they stopped for speeding if, while examining the offender, they found evidence of violation of the immigration law.

Granted the issue has two sides to it, and either side has a point. It nevertheless reminds me of all the rights of citizenship such as the right to vote the politicians are trying to grant illegal immigrants these days. My family immigrated to this country when I was sixteen. And I can honestly say that these political gimmicks are downright insulting to those of us who followed the U.S. law to enter this country and then again abide by the U.S. legal process to become legal aliens and voting citizens.

Time Magazine Person of the Year


This year I am the winner of the Time Magazine Person of the Year. Well, all right, I have to share this honor with millions and billions other people who use or create contents on the World Wide Web. I’d be interested to be a fly on the wall of the meetings they had for this.

“No, Rich, we already gave the computer the honor once in 1982.”

“Hey, we have a new Pope. How about the Pope?”

“No.” Everyone in unison.

“Why not? Don’t tell me you’re thinking about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.”

“How about American men? We had the precedence of naming the American women before…”

“What have the American men done lately…”

“Don’t go there…”

“All right, how about this? Let’s give the honor to anyone who’s creating or using contents on the internet. Men…women…fifteen-year-old kids struggling with zits…”

“Even porn site creators and people who visit those sites?”

“Shut up, will you?”

“Sounds good to me.”


“I’ll send the recommendation to the senior execs this afternoon.”

Then the Little Red Riding Hood Asked, “Why Is Your Mouth So Big, Grandma?”


The new Gov. elect of Massachusetts Deval Patrick is planning his coronation extravaganza. Instead of an inaugural ball, he’s having seven. And to show that corporate endowments have no effect on him, he will accept corporate donations of up to $50,000. Each. The Gov. elect promised the events will be very inclusive.  That is, if you pay the $50 for the ball. Make sure your fairy godmother give you some cash before you step into the carriage.

All in all, the inaugural committee is planning to spend more than $1 million on the events.

Somebody is happy. (“Mom and Dad, I made it!”)

There is always more jobs to cut and more taxes to raise.

Have We Amused Ourselves to Death Yet?


My palm is broken. Now it only serves as an address book, since I can’t sync with my calendar anymore. And so I’ve been looking at the new Blackberries and Treo 680. But I’m not going to buy a replacement…yet. First of all, I need an excuse for why I’m not reachable, when I’m just standing over my phone and turning off the ringer. Also, checking emails constantly used to be fun, but I’m really getting tired of checking my emails because I never get any email just because anymore except when my contribution to the family reunion fund is needed. Checking out Flickr and shooting pictures on the go to post on Flickr sounds fun, but I don’t want to provoke any road rage by taking pictures of the SUV mom cutting in front of me on my commute. Blogging on the go…yes, it’s very tempting, especially when the traffic is just inching along…or when the teleconference is just going on and on and on…except that’s also when I have my breakfast, brush hair, get my morning news, cut my fingernails…one can only do so many things at once.

So, despite whatever Neil Postman said in his book Amusing Ourselves to Death, my answer is: No. Not biting the dust yet.