The Right to Equal Rights


Heard on the NPR a discussion about whether America is ready for a female president. And while I was contemplating the question, I heard another news regarding the issue of whether state troopers would be allowed to arrest illegal immigrants if they suspect the immigration law was broken. For example, while the state police would not go on patrols looking for illegal immigrant, they could arrest someone they stopped for speeding if, while examining the offender, they found evidence of violation of the immigration law.

Granted the issue has two sides to it, and either side has a point. It nevertheless reminds me of all the rights of citizenship such as the right to vote the politicians are trying to grant illegal immigrants these days. My family immigrated to this country when I was sixteen. And I can honestly say that these political gimmicks are downright insulting to those of us who followed the U.S. law to enter this country and then again abide by the U.S. legal process to become legal aliens and voting citizens.


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