Where Can I Find a Roadrunner?


One morning my husband came downstairs saying, “Honey, I saw two wolves in our backyard from our bedroom window.” Wolves? We don’t live near the zoo.

“You sure they’re wolves? I’ve never heard of wolves in this area. Coyotes, maybe?”

“They looked like wolves. On the other side of the fence. Umm, what do coyotes look like?”

So, we checked out the pictures on Google.

“That’s it. They looked like that animal pictured here.”

Since then I’ve been perusing the Internet for more information on dealing with Coyotes. Apparently they’re deemed to be an important part of the Eco system and we are not allowed to do anything to them on our properties, because if you remove a predator out of the food chain, then the population of the animals further down the food chain would explode, without the natural check and balance. So where are the coyote’s natural predators? And I don’t want lions in our backyard.

“Hmm…here it says coyotes only attack people when they get too used to humans.”

“Coyotes are used to humans in this state.”


The articles also say that you should not turn you back to run when you see the coyotes, but have to move slowly and scare them away. That’s not good news…I’ve been afraid of large and/or hyper/energetic/agressive dogs growing up (I’ll spare you the recounting of the memories). I should call the garden service…the weeds in my garden are waist-high. I know I know weeds don’t grow waist-high if I had only lapsed for two weeks…last year we had the wasps.


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