Coming to a Science Museum near You…Harry Potter the Exhibition


From one of the brochures my daughter collected at the Boston Museum of Science:

Harry PotterTM: The exhibition offers fans the opportunity to experience the amazing craftsmanship of more than 200 authentic costumes and props from the Harry Potter films. These artifacts are displayed in settings inspired by the film sets — including the Great Hall, Hagrid’s Hut, and the GryffindorTM common room.

If the Harry Potter fans out there don’t mind me voicing one teeny tiny detail on the museum’s…umm…shall we say “artistic” direction — last time I checked, Harry Potter has nothing to do with science.

Oh sure, we aren’t talking about witchcrafts here. It’s the costumes and props that are in the exhibit! The special effects must use a lot of physics and chemistry, right? Right. But they aren’t showing the howtos of the special effects (not mentioned in the brochure anyway). I’m sure a lot of HP fans want to see the phoenix feather on Harry’s wand, the stitches on Dumbledore’s robe, the fat lady painting that served as the door to the Gryffindor common room, and the Nimbus 2000 broom. But they’re not science.

As for the pricing, well, of course it has to be appropriate for the magnitude of the event. Adult, 26 dollars; Senior, 24 dollars; Child (3-11), 23 dollars. Members: Call for special pricing! To get to see Harry’s scar, priceless! For everything else, just try as you can to tap some of that Harry Potter dough to raise money for the museum.


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