There are port and startboard, and then there are “Kadu” and “Judu”


I don’t think I ever got into naming things when I was growing up. I’m not even sure I named my dolls. My younger sister CY was a different story: not only she named her stuffed animals, she even named the left and right corners of her comforter. Well, it appears my daughter somehow took up the “thing-naming” genes, as she named her left foot “Kadu” [‘ka-doo] and the right foot “Judu” [‘jiu-doo]. There was never a confusion of “my right”, “your left” in our household, as the following example clearly illustrates:

(A large thumping sound indicating a fall in the family room, followed by a loud cry…we rushed into the room)
“Are you hurt? What happened?”
“I fell down when I was jumping!”
“Did you hurt you feet? Is it Kadu or Judu?”
“It’s Kadu……..”

To be fair, there are well-developed “thing-naming” genes on my husband’s side of family as well. His sister used to name the left foot the “American foot”, and the right foot the “Practice foot”…


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