The Weekend


This was the kind of weekend when we went from one place to another, or one thing to another. It was MM’s friend Maggie’s birthday party on Friday after the preschool. And all three of us went. It’s become given in our family that we’d go to places together and do things together. And so it was given for MM to wish Maggie a happy birthday with her Mom and Dad chatting with other parents, hanging around to help out with corralling up the kids from one activity to another, and pulling kids out of range of over zealous whacking of the Dora pinata.

And then we visited the Children’s Museum on Saturday, after MM declared that she’d like to visit Newburyport, Rockport, and Taiwan. She wasn’t disappointed with the much less exotic destination. And fortunately for us she was properly tired out for the dinner and bedtime routine when we got home.

This morning, then, continued the trend. We woke up to a bright and warm morning sun, went to church, and then a luncheon, where there were 2 kinds of chilli, cucumber and orange salad, and home-made whole wheat and Challah bread. The bread was made by the guest of honor, who came to the US from Switzerland two years ago with her family. MM met a new friend, a seven-year-old girl with poofy, curly pigtails, and they went around the house looking for flowers in the lawn and treasures under the bushes. The sun was still beaming when we got home, took out the no less than 30-year-old window AC that was probably letting in the Yellow Jackets through it’s worn accordion sides, did some weeding and trimming in the garden, showed MM the tiny robin’s nest with five blue eggs that I found in the Juniper bush, and then had a friend to come over and help M with fitting in a new deadbolt lock in the front door which had too small a hole for the modern lock.

It was the kind of weekend I like.


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