Game Night Dinner


Navigating the social world with a different idea in food, while not having tons of time to cook and prepare the healthy alternative is definitely challenging. Going to a Game Night on Friday, and the organizer proposed that we should be there by 6:30 because we’ll have “snacks” and therefore didn’t need to eat dinner before. “Snacks are not dinners!” I couldn’t help protest. “Well, if you bring substantial snacks…I’m bringing stuffed mushroom…” Someone else suggested Pig-in-the-Blanket. Um…I put more vegetables, leafy greens, as well as non-processed food in front of my child at meal time. We’ll be eating beforehand for sure. I guess I’m just an uptight Mom. I don’t expect to break friendships because of food preferences. On the other hand, I’m seeing more needs for me to be vocal about my beliefs in healthy eating. Ideas certainly don’t get communicated by osmosis.

Now the interesting question is what will I bring to the party… Something I’ll have time to make, and that at the same time also doesn’t deviate from the nutrient-rich food I advocate… And then after that I have to prepare for a Sunday lunch. Thinking, thinking, thinking…


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