Asian Market Visit


This past weekend we decided to go back to visit the Asian market we haven’t visited a while. The reason for the lapse was because we noticed an ever more sparsely stocked shelves. We didn’t find any other good Asian markets in the vicinity and stopped Asian market shopping all together for a while. Some time later we read in the news that the owner of the chain market was in the process of selling his stores to another chain store from NY. So we waited. This weekend’s visit was not disappointing. Yes, the shelves were well-stocked. The store was well-lit and clean. I was rather like a kid in candy land.

So, Saturday night we made turkey and napa cabbage dumplings. MM was in 7th heaven. She liked it so much, I packed it for her lunch for Sunday’s after church luncheon. Our group was supposed to divide up and each family bring parts of a taco salad. I knew MM wouldn’t like it the raw “salad” part, and so, instead of having her eating just the ground beef and the taco chips, I put the dumplings in her thermos, and she ate it all up.

Just as I patting my own back for clever planning, someone brought out the desserts: a big sheet cake smothered in thick sugar frosting, apple cookies, and a blueberry pie. Of course it was a big struggle for MM when I carefully explained that we should scrape off the frosting, and then had to enforce what I requested. I’d liken it to waiting a big bottle of whiskey in front of an alcoholic, and then tell the person that the drink was not to be had. What can I say? I know I’m on the narrow road.

Fortunately, the later part of the afternoon was a bit brighter. MM got to play with her friends. And then after we got home and played a little bit. MM watched me making the rice stick/noodle dish, and helped with shelling the shrimps. She was rather pleased with her own usefulness. This was a nice dish to make after the dumplings, since I was able to add in the unused dumpling fillings. And we enjoyed the dinner, too. As usual, I made a huge pot, enough for 2 – 3 meals plus preschool lunches.

Stir-fried Rice Stick


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